Tok seminak dasan Kundor besusei...

Jadi mun berkenan, sila jak baca nak oh. Mun rasa blog tok nyakit ati, mampah, meraik...dengan segala hormatnya dipersilakan veramvus!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Here are sum facts bout Kundur that you people might want to know (or maybe some of u know them already). Not interested? The "close" icon is just one click away. Enjoyz...

1. numero uno is my favourite i always wanna be the #1. being 2nd is never gud enuf for me.

2. i'm crazy about it: designer perfumes, RM5.99 (or izzit Rm6.99 nowadays?), attar, essential oils, potpourri, fresh-flowers, the kerosine (dont u people like it? i think it have the afrodisiac element in it...haha). i even once had a dettol bar besides my pillow so that i could sniff on it b4 i'm off to slumberland...

3. i do enjoy dangdut sumtimes. i think there is no difference between dangdut and any other genres. no kampungan, no 2nd class. as long as the song is worth listening to, kundur...layaaannnn...

4. i'm partially indian. but i dont get the dark-skinned genes from that part as my indian grandad is a north-indian guy himself, it's my malay grandma who's dark =)

5. i do crack some jokes, sumtimes. but mostly to people i'm comfortable with. sorry 1st-timers, i'm not snobbish, neither i'm str8-faced, but my jokes can be harsh sumtimes. dont want to hurt ur feeling n give myself a bad 1st impression.

6. very profesional when it come to works. ok la...almost "very-profesional". i believe in human-touch and "budi-bicara".

7. perfectionist. trying so hard to be one.

8. love to cook for people that i love and care for. so, sapa2 yg pernah merasa my cookings, that means i care for u =)

9. once suffered for two months, surviving by only eating RM1.20 sandwich for lunch, and a can of orange juice for dinner...every single day! (except for weekends..sbb balik rumah). dayumn PiTyPiTipu...they were the cause of PiTyPiTyMe...

10. when i was a little kid, i strongly believed that i'm the rebirth of a cabaret-dancer.

11. i love green...too much. but i dont wear the color that much, as my skintone refuse to blend with the color. i dont want to end up looking like a walking "tin milo".

12. i love purple, black and gold too.

13. still wishing that i have a career in showbiz. in the limelight or the man behind the scene. or maybe a lil bit of both.

14. i have a bad-temper...but i throw tantrums only when the case is caused by ridiculous actions/ideas from ridiculous people.

15. i love black girls a lot: naomi campbell, tyra banks, iman, beyonce, eva, bipasha basu, anggun, shafinaz and the list goes on....

16. i think naomi campbell rules the runway, but tyra banks takes amazing pictures.

17. i dont think victoria secret is the synonym of hawt.

18. moisturizer cause me extra-oily face (macam lah skarang muka x cukup minyak, boleh buat isi kereta and jalan from johor to perlis) and toner cause me a burning like symptoms. is thinking of SKII Miracle Water. Tapi sah-sah akan miskin tegar selepas itu.

19. i dont watch action movies. i think they put too much sfx in it that the movies lost their soul.

20. i love teen-movies (x payah pikir banyak, layan jer), romantic comedy ( i do have my soft-side too), love stories (i'm a big guy with even bigger heart), and muvies with ninjas-elements or magics in it (dont know y...but i just love them...)

21. hampir2 buat kawan masa kecik lemas. we we're racing towards a stuff (cant remember what's the stuff was), crossing a "titi" which crossing a "longkang", and i pushed her down, into the "longkang" so that i could come first (read #1). jahat. i know. no need to point it on my face now, as it happens 20years ago. sorry Linda, aku masih ingat ko nangis sambil dimandikan mak ko. nasib baik mak ko tak tolak aku dalam longkang yg lebih besar.

22. masa kecik aku jahat. aku suka kacau org sebelah rumah yg jual "suntong tutok"<--dunno how to describe this in other language. jadi nenek aku nak takutkan aku, she wore like a banshee and pegi umah sebelah (bcoz i was there, membaling gelang getah ke atas sotong yang tengah dibakar--pedajal bisnes orang). nak jadi cerita, aku xder effect apa2 masa tengok pontianak a.k.a nenek aku. yang kesiannya, bapak kawan aku merangkap jiran aku merangkap tokey kedai tu yang "demam terkejut" 2 hari (sedangkan dia tahu plan nenek aku dari awal lagi).

23. kat kampung aku x banyak kawan, sbb yang seusia aku kebanyakan pompuan. kitorang memang close la, cuma after 4.30pm sbb mak-pak diorang x kasi main masa hari masih panas. so aku selalu main berangan sorang kat tepi rumah. cakap sorang2. sampai sekarang pun aku kadang2 masih cakap sorang (especially kalau atas motorbike/skuter aku). bukan setakat bermonolog, kadang2 boleh jadi skrip drama radio.

24. part of a woman that i love: her eyes (i'm crazy about cat's eye type) . of a man: his sweet smile.

25. i'm comfortable being big. in fact, am lovin it. but i would love to have a porportionate body. now, my shoulder and boobs (yes, i have male-boobs. it runs in the family) are way too big for my beyonce's leg<---perasan nak mampus!

There are more to time....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When I'm Down...

Just about when i'm thinking of quitting my job (it's crazie...i know), falling in the hole of despair on my current social-life-love situation, feeling unwanted, being pushed to the lowest level of my self-esteem...and suddenly comes this on my table, from the lil' angels whom i keep on calling as "devils" every single day ( i can't take picture of the card as my camera phone is still in it's "ting-tong" mode, and i better retype the words as you guys might not be able to understand the not-so-alphabetical handwritings). Here you are, give it a big applause...

Purposely chose this dark green-white to resemble the blackboard-chalk idea...

Sob...sob...hanky please...

This thing my kids said to me is like a shot of water when i'm lost in the dessert. Thanks my kids. Happy Teacher's Day to all people in the world, as u might never know, that anything that you've said and done might be a great lesson for people u might have never known. So, everyone is actually a teacher, in your very own distinct way. As in this case, for once my kids are my teacher...

*P/S: it's never too late to wish Happy Teacher's Day. Even me myself haven't celebrated mine this year...yet...

Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm a classic Aries...

This is what the site (can't remember which one) tells about what usually an Aries is all about.This info really suits me like...i don't know...just read it lah...

1. Sangat aktif dan dinamik (yup...i'm always on the move).

2. Cepat bertindak buat keputusan tetapi cepat menyesal ( sad but true!).

3. Sangat menarik dan pandai manjakan diri (yer ker...nis pembul?).

4. Punya daya mental yang sangat kuat(hmmm...i once thought that i was a psychic...didn't manage to bend any spoon yet so far).

5. Suka diberi perhatian (*wink*...M.I.P duhal...).

6. Sangat diplomatik (at times...when the situation requires me x juak dpt jadi Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik).

7. Suka berkawan dan pandai menyelesaikan masalah orang (i'm the male version of Oprah).

8. Sangat berani dan tiada perasaan takut (hakuna matata...konon2).

9. Suka adventure, pengasih, penyayang, sopan, santun dan pemurah(i oso have my frens should know better).

10. Emosi cepat terusik (emos...emos....emos...).

11. Kecenderungan bersifat dendam (revenge is my middle name).

12. Agresif, kelam kabut untuk membuat keputusan (This is true...sometimes).

13. Kuat daya ingatan (some people call me unlimited-storage HD).

14. Gerak hati yang sangat kuat(told ya...i'm a psychic...go n get urself a metal helmet before i start reading ur mind).

15. Pandai mendorong diri sendiri dan memotivasikan orang lain (i can cause Dr Fadzillah Kamsah a run-for his-money...hehehe) .

16. Berpenyakit di sekitar kepala dan dada (choiiiiiiiiiii!!!).

17. Sangat cemburu dan terlalu cemburu (exactly...couldn't agree more).

To know me, is to love me.........xoxo....

Monday, May 11, 2009

Read me from my gestures...

This is something i found from the net just now. It's not supposed to 100% tells u what exactly kind of guy I am, but I find it interesting sumhow. Take ur time to read this....

*Kiss on the Forehead ----"Forever you will be mine"

*Kiss on the Ear ---"I'm horny"

*Kiss on the Cheek ---"We're friends"

*Kiss on the Hand ---"I adore you"

*Kiss on the Neck ---"We belong together"

*Kiss on the Shoulder ---"I want you"

*Kiss on the Lips ---"I love you"

*Holding Hands ---"We can learn to love each other"

*Playing with the Ear ---"I can't live without you"

*Holding on tight ---"Don't let go"

*Looking into each other's Eyes ---"Don't leave me"

*Playing with Hair on Head ---"Tell me you love me"

*Arms around the Waist ---"I love you too much to let go"

*Laughing while Kissing ---"I am completely Comfortable with you"

Last Nite I Dreamt Of San Pedro...

...too bad the dream was totally not about San Pedro. It's a collection of dreams actually. In one nite...after waking up quite a few times in the middle of the nite. Dreams bout a bunch of people. Significant people in my life...significant in their very own negative ways. The bunch of people that hurts me like hell. The people that make me wish I have some well-thought, brilliant- intelligent-artful murder plans to be executed on them, that leave no traces. Not even Gil Grissom could do anything to help your pathetic corpse.

I curse the day you were born. I want you no-brain-swines to suffer your death...and on your very last breath, the only thing that you can think of is what you had done to me...and on that very moment, you'll know that it's too late to repent...

I wish....I wish....

Whatta plain weekend...

To start, not much things happened to me these few days. It sumhow brings me to shortage of interesting ideas on what to share with u visitors. Last weekend was spent by:

1. watching Sai n Mel preparing their students for a competition
2.had dinner at Divine Ogata's place + chit-chatting bout nothing at Sibu-waterfront (aku mok copy gambar "Yazer" ya...hahahaha)
3.waiting for Sai to wake-up the next morning (and he ended up bangun kol12- masih "morning" kah?)
4.accompanying Sai n Mel making final touch-up for their preparations the whole afternoon and early evening.
5.lepak at Mel's place, ate like a pig...
6.rushed back to Sai's place, took a quick shower, and rushed to the town for a piece of Cafe2 dessert ("pakej" sekali dengan cuci mata)
7.importantly, not much laughter for the weekend...

That's it. A plain weekend for me. Before i have to go back to this middle-of-nowhere. Wishing to spice things up this weekend (Sai, Nurmi n Mel: work it!!! work harder to please ourselves!!! i need more!!! hahaha...gila eh- pity these 3 people. they work their a$$ like there's no tomorrow, for some stupid-ungrateful people). Need more vibe next time that i won't regret on any of my weekends, before i return to this "rehab centre"...huhuhuhu...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love Quote #3

Trying To Fit Into This World

Friends are around yet felt so alone

Showered with love yet felt full of hatred

Its burning hot outside yet freezing cold inside

Hate this life but couldn’t be more grateful

Maybe it’s meant to be…

To dream and let it shattered

To trust and being betrayed

To give without receiving

To hold and to let go

This is my monochromatic life

Dull, poisonous, cold, demanding…

Dull but still a rainbow to me…

Poisonous but need to be swallowed…

Cold yet burning…

Demanding...unfortunately I’ve got nothing to offer…

- The Kunduran -

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Job's Description #2

Just got back from attending the PTA meeting...discussing 'bout the recent development on my Year6 students' performance towards their UPSR. Not a good one actually. Out of 6 (yeah...believe it. there are only 6 of them)...none of them passed the latest exam!!! wawawawawa... it is such a pity thing to look at their parents upon discussing the matter. One or two even dropped some tears, and so did their children. And so did I! (huh...Kundur nangis?!! this doesn't happen a lot... berapa tarikh hari tok? haaaa..7/5/09...cepat beli 4D!!!)

The sympathy is another story. When it came to my turn to discuss my part (or in this case...sesi hati-ke-hati)...there's a lil' prob that i lil' prob that might distract the this:

"The parents don't understand malay well, and i'm not good enuf in my Jako' Iban-though i can understand the conversation good enuf to get the main idea"...huhuhu...

I rate my Jako' Iban as 8/10 for understanding the language...but it's only 3/10 when i have to speak the language. Huhuhu...nang macam manok ngan itit lah...

Thanks to my colleagues who speaks Iban tremendously well (dah daknya nang Iban...aok eh...mun x pandey kelakar Iban, bagus jadi Melayu) who kept "interupting" along the way, just to translate and explain what I'm telling the parents, n what the parents tried to tell me (feels like the Q&A part of the Miss World contest, and i'm from a-country-which-English-is-actually-Greek)...huhuhu...

Hurmmmm....bila lah aku nok pandey/confident kelakar Iban tok...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Love Quote #2

We're like perfumes on the shelf of a store...3 types of them...

Type 1: The one that is very distinctive, attractive, well-packed, loved-by-all...which buyers won't hesitate to buy, whithout having to ask for a sniff before taking you home, n make you his/her favourite.

Type 2: Tester. People will try you on, make comments, spray some more... and even if they like you, they're going to pick the un-oppened one...straight from the display or even asking for a new pack from the make-up-overdid salesgirl...and some even just walk away after they'd smelled good from ur scent.

Type 3: The one which being asked for from the salesgirl (yeah, still the one with loads of make-up on), after the buyer have had enough playing with the tester.

So, which one r u? It's not what you chose to be most of the time...some of us come with the "type-label" attached on our wide-and-oily forehead. I have my label too...whether i like it or not...

-The Kunduran-

Job's Description #1

Situation #1

Teacher : If you're leaving house at 6.00a.m, and the journey to school will takes u 10minutes walking, what is ur arrival time at school?
Student A : 6.50a.m!!!
Student B : 5.50a.m!!!
Teacher : Ok, let's i make it like this. If you're walking from point A to point B, do u need to add the time taken or there's subtraction involved?
Students : (Sebulat suara) Subtraction...
Teacher : Hey...hari2 pakai jam, ada awak pernah tengok jam awak pusing terbalik kah?!!! Pernah awak tengok jarum jam kat dinding tu pusing terbalik?!! Apa awak ingat hari nak kiamat kah?!!

Situation #2

Teacher : Now u need to write the "equal" symbol at the end of the equation.
Student : (Keepin' quiet...but drawing a loooooooong line from one edge to another on the A4 paper).
Teacher : I said the "equal" symbol.
Student : (Repeating the same thing).
Teacher : You'll be dead meat you moron!

Situation #3

Teacher : Apa cita-cita awak bila dah besar?
Student : Saya nak jadi burung, cikgu.
Teacher : ..........................(long silence).................

Huh.....Who said it's easy being a teacher?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SORRY: An overrated word...

Image is taken from

"sorry ah"
"sorry la...huhuhu"

"sorry k...but actually..."

A bunch of ways people telling how "sorry" they are everyday. Definitely there are more than those that you might have encountered whole your life. But, ever give a thought, is that 5-letter word really means anything to you? or even to the one who said "sorry"?

Some people (or even most people) expect that "sorry" would be enough to save them from somebody's anger, dissapointments, despairs. And some even feels that "sorry" is an easy getaway from their own guilty feelings after doing something wrong or hurting others. As for me, i do believe that don't bother to say "sorry" if you don't mean it. If you think that by saying "sorry" will do goods for you (no matter how it does to the receiver), just keep that word for yourself.

Recently there is somebody saying "sorry..huhuhu" to me, but thereafter keeps on "pointing his finger on my pathetic face", as if i'm the one to be blamed on the situation, and he's the one with the halo on his head. Am I wrong trying my best to make people happy? Is there anything wrong with me, fighting for my own happiness? Am I the one who supposed to hold the blame for your wrongdoing, not fulfilling on what have been agreed before? And how dare you to say "I'm sorry, but it's not my fault, you're the one who don't want to understand my situation" to me?

Dear Mr. You-Know-Who-You-Are,
Wisdom doesn't come with age. And friendship shouldn't be measured by time. Learn to respect other people more, and appericate what people had done for you. Narcissism won't bring any good to people around you, or even to yourself.

But after awhile thinking...i don't think you're going to learn anyway...EVER!!! It's okay...i believe in karma baby...yeah...karma will do goods for you...

*P/S: It's not that i don't use "the word" myself, but i ensure that i really mean the word...wholeheartedly...every single time....

Monday, May 4, 2009

Love Quote #1

I see love as a well with slippery wall. You might fall or jump into it, just to get wet n feel the soothing effect of the water. When you're getting drowned, you need to struggle your best to come up, even for a gulp of air. Unfortunately, the wall is too makes u fall again...

-The Kunduran-
pic taken from

Sunday, May 3, 2009


This is the beginning of sumthing...
Nowadays i got tonnes of times to be wasted, so i better channelled it for sumthing good...which means good for me (not neccesarily good for u *wink* ). I'm kinda chatty in-person, that will chirp all the time when I'm with people in the same wavelength. But if somebody out of place trying to mix up with me, you are most welcome to the group, but dont force me to like you. Show me (and my frens of course) what you got, we'll see how thing goes, 'aite?
Unfortunately, these days i don't really have quality times to spare with frens, moreover after everyone starting to be scattered around in their search for meaningful and fruitful life. Then i supposed by writing some silly things and put it here might help me to reduce the burden of thousands and millions of topics to be talked about that started to take a whole lot more of spaces in my head than what i expected it should be.
So fellas, this blog might not be ur favourite, neither it would be a 100% celebrity blog as u can get from Perez Hilton, nor it would be as juicy as Gossip Girl's got to serve. But this is my love child (the latest), what defines me perfectly (and also all my alter-egos), because all that i would have in here is TRUTH...about me and others, one thing that had been missing out from a lot of people...yes, TRUTH. Hate me or love me, i wont bother...